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We’re proud to say Bio-Defense is one of our best selling products – and it’s no wonder it is. Foot or nail fungus is one of the hardest infections to get rid of. And there are no efficient natural solutions on the market aside from this powerful mix of anti-fungal ingredients. Bio-Defense will get you rid of Athlete’s foot and other invisible fungal infections without the harmful side effects of antibiotics.



We knew right off the bat that finding the right ingredients to fight off fungal infections will be a difficult task. And we were right.


We spent over five years perfecting an invincible anti-fungal formula that has over 20 potent ingredients.


But the truth is our product would be nothing without these three core ingredients:


Maitake, Reishi, and Shiitake

These are a potent fungi complex that has been used for millennia in Kampo medicine to maintain health, preserve youth and increase longevity. When we researched their benefits for human health, we discovered that they attack other harmful fungi like Trichophyton, Epidermophyton, and Microsporum – the three most frequent causes of Athlete’s Foot.


As a result, we made hundreds of tests with different complementary ingredients in order to boost the fungal complex’s efficiency. That’s how we achieved the cutting-edge formula of today’s Bio-Defense that is a 100% natural solution to any nasty fungal infection.