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Accu Heart


AccuHeart is the result of extensive research on the prevention of chronic heart diseases. The final product helps keep your arteries clean from plaque, promoting smooth blood flow and a significantly lower risk of heart disease, coronary artery disease or stroke.



Our research team discovered that one of the main reasons why heart disease is so prevalent in humans is because, with time, our bodies lose the ability to create nitric oxide (NO) on their own. Nitric oxide has an essential role in maintaining vascular elasticity, relaxing the blood vessel walls and suppressing atherosclerosis.


Knowing this, we worked tirelessly to find an efficient way to boost NO levels and found an ingredient that does not only that but also has other amazing benefits for the health of the circulatory system.


Krill oil

Krill oil is a natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids, having copious amounts of EPA and DHA – two essential acids that boost nitric oxide levels in the body. On top of that, the Omega 3 fatty acids also lower LDL cholesterol, triglyceride levels and inflammation in the blood vessels.


We consider Krill oil a miracle treatment because it also has powerful antioxidants and is much more easily absorbed into the body than fish oil, which is usually recommended as a source for EPA and DHA. This means the active substances in Krill oil work together to fight off plaque and promote heart health long-term.

Reviews (5)


  1. Ian M.


  2. Shane G.

    I researched krill oil a lot, and I’ve discovered it has awesome benefits for heart health. When I discovered AccuHeart, I knew I had to try it. It didn’t disappoint!

  3. Martha B.

    I think this might be the best natural supplement I’ve tried to get my blood pressure down… I’ve been taking it for one month and I can already notice a big difference.

  4. Judith A.

    No ingredients with suspicious names, just one powerful oil! It’s hard to find a completely natural supplement for blood pressure, this one is great

  5. Jane M.

    I bought this for my husband thinking it would be just another fake solution, but we were both surprised when the doctor said his cholesterol levels are way down. I’ll be buying a new bottle soon!

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