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Omega 3 Fatty Acids: What You Need To Know

You see the label popping up all over the place at your local grocery store – in cooking oils, nuts, and even in the eggs you buy. But here’s a question… What the heck are Omega 3 fatty acids???

And furthermore, are they even any good for you?

Adding a fancy Omega 3 label is one of the most popular food advertising trends of the past few years. Now, every food manufacturer wants to show off that their products have those mysterious Omega 3’s (no matter how small the amount).

Today, I’m going to give you the inside scoop on how to look past the advertising and understand what Omega 3 fatty acids are and how they can help you.

A Quick Omega 3 Explanation

omega 3 food sources

Okay, so I’m not going to get too technical in telling you about Omega 3’s, but it helps to start with a few facts:

Omega 3’s… 

  • Are fatty acid found naturally in a wide variety of foods.
  • CANNOT be produced by the human body – they come only from your diet.
  • Have a world of health benefits for your heart, brain, mood, and much more!

So yeah, Omega 3’s are obviously good for you, but here’s the thing – Omega 3’s aren’t the only Omega’s out there. In fact, there are also Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. 

And they’re not all the same.

Without going too deep, the simple explanation is this – Omega 3’s are amazing for your body, Omega 6’s aren’t so good (especially when you’re consuming a lot), and Omega 9’s are somewhere in the middle.

Keeping that in mind, single-ingredient products that advertise their Omega 3 contents are generally going to be good for you. Products like… 

  • Walnuts
  • Most Fish
  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • SOME Cooking Oils

So, yes, adding these foods to your shopping list increases your Omega 3 intake

And that’s a good thing – let me explain why… 

The Omega 3 – Healthy Heart Connection

red heart on a cardiogram

As mentioned before, Omega 3 fatty acids have a ton of health benefits, but clearly the most important on that long list is how they improve… 


How do Omega 3’s help your heart? A better question would be how do they NOT help your heart. That’s because Omega 3’s seem to be built specifically for your heart from top to bottom, with:

    • Up to 30% drop in dangerous triglycerides
    • Blood pressure reduction
    • Cleaned arteries for less plaque
    • Increased HDL levels (the good cholesterol)
    • Better prevention of blood clots
    • Improved bodily response to inflammation

And it’s that last one that’s worth special attention… 

Inflammation over a long period of time is the clear cause of heart disease. Because your body is working harder than ever to get rid of infections and ward off damage, it takes a toll… 

A toll that comes directly from your ticker!

And inflammation is so dangerous that many research studies have implicated it in a huge range of health problems, from heart disease to auto-immune disorders to cancer.

That’s where the good benefits of Omega 3’s come into play… 

Instead of sitting idly by while inflammation runs rampant in your body, you’ll be doing something about it and every little bit of Omega 3 you add to your diet will be one step closer to a healthy heart… 

However, there is a problem… 

The Catch 22 of Omega 3’s

fish oil omega 3 supplements

We know that Omega 3’s are incredibly healthy, but how do you get enough into your diet to make a difference?

And that’s where the issue lies.

While some foods like walnuts and salmon are great sources of Omega 3, your body needs a large amount to have the best effects on your health. Sadly, getting to that amount through diet alone is very difficult… 

Some would even say impossible (there is one exception*, which I’ll tell you about at the bottom of this article).

That’s why Fish Oil supplements have become so popular at your local drug stores. You see the high amount of Omega 3’s and imagine that you’ll be able to get all you need… 

But like Omega 3’s that come from your diet, that Fish Oil has a problem of its own – your body has difficulty absorbing the Omega 3’s from the supplements. Which means that you’ll be paying a lot of money for incredibly little benefits.

And I’m not knocking Fish Oil – like I said before, every little bit helps when it comes to Omega 3’s. It’s just that for the same price, you could be cooking up and enjoying a salmon steak instead.

Which tastes a whole heck of a lot better than a Fish Oil supplement.

Now, I can guess what you’re probably thinking, and it’s definitely a valid question… 

Should I Even Care About Getting Enough Omega 3’s?

senior man wondering

I’m going to be very direct with you about this… 


That’s because the benefits you get from Omega 3’s are so valuable and so heart-healthy that they could extend your life by many years.

And your longer life is certainly worth the time and effort.

Not to mention that you’ll be taking the right steps to make those years as healthy as possible. And all the other incredible health effects of Omega 3’s.

At the same time, I advise people that want to increase their Omega 3’s to take it easy and not to go crazy. Simply adding the ingredients listed above into your shopping list is a great start, as well as incorporating the *one exception that’ll kick your Omega 3 intake into overdrive.

The big idea is that you should at least be aware of how important Omega 3’s are to your heart’s function and use that information when it comes to selecting foods at the grocery store.

And above everything, I want you to have a healthy heart… 

It’s the single most important part of your body and keeping it in good shape is a vital part of being healthy, happy, and cherishing every day that you’re alive.

And I hope those days continue for many decades to come!!

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