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The Best Budget-Friendly Arthritis Treatment

As you’re probably well aware, medical care costs here in the U.S. are spiraling out of control, even for common conditions…  Like arthritis treatment.

An aunt of mine visited me a couple of weeks ago, and she has what I’d call a medium case of arthritis. She had the normal joint pain, overall stiffness, and fatigue that plague so many people… 

And now, she was starting to experience signs of depression. However, the reason why surprised me,

“You know, it’s not really the arthritis that bothers me. Sure it hurts, but what’s really killing me is the cost. I had no idea arthritis treatment would be so expensive. 

That’s why I came to you.

I need a cheaper solution – my bank account can’t take much more and I don’t want to have to rely on my children for the rest of my life.”

We continued to talk and as I learned more and more about her monthly arthritis treatment expenses, I was taken aback. My aunt was financially stable, but she could already envision a future where her income couldn’t cover her doctor’s prescribed arthritis program.

After her visit, I thought about this problem and decided it would be a good idea to write an article for you and other arthritis sufferers out there who may be facing the same situation.

Yes, there are ways to lower your monthly arthritis treatment cost and today I’m going to break down the most common treatments one by one (with their estimated costs), as well as offer budget-friendly alternatives… 

Swap Your Motrin For Inexpensive & Natural Arthritis Pain Relief – You Save $300/year!

natural bone pain relief plant - devil's claw

If you’re like most arthritis patients, then you’re likely popping Motrin or Tylenol like they’re potato chips… 

And that’s to be expected!

You’re in pain and these medications are reasonably inexpensive. By my count, a year’s supply of pain relief pills will run you at least $300 a year. However, there’s a better option.

Did you know that there are natural options that work better than over-the-counter pain pills without any of the side effects or potential health hazards?

Even better, they often bring much more than just pain relief, and will improve your overall health. And if that’s not enough, the cost is ridiculously low (free in some cases) for alternatives like,

  • Peppermint
  • Devil’s Claw
  • Chrysanthemum flowers
  • Birch Leaf
  • Arnica
  • Cherries

Now, I want to mention that this is just for your pain relief. These alternatives may provide some benefits towards battling arthritis, but their main use is for already existing pain.

For tackling the bigger problem of dealing with your arthritis condition, I recommend that you… 

Find Ways to Put Your Body in Motion! – You Save $200/hour!

woman moving her joints by knitting

By putting your body in motion, what I’m talking about is finding physical things that you enjoy doing AND that fight against your arthritis.

For some people, that might mean a hobby as simple as knitting (which actually has a number of health benefits apart from arthritis). For others, it may mean taking daily walks or light exercise.

What you’re looking for are ways to increase the mobility and flexibility of your problem joints… without the high costs of physical therapy.

Depending on your therapist and insurance, a session of therapy can run into hundreds of dollars. And if you compound that once every week, you’ll be staring at a towering bill of thousands per year.

However, much of the same gains that physical therapy gives you can also be achieved on your own.

Finding the right activity to match your arthritis condition may take some trial and error. But the truth is that once you start, you’ll find it becomes easier and easier… and brings benefits like,

  • Improved mobility
  • Increased flexibility
  • Amplified endorphin production for better mood
  • Better heart and lung health

Even the littlest bit of motion will help your arthritis. And once you make it a regular routine, you’ll start gaining traction against the condition and you’ll be able to start thinking about… 

Ditch the Prescription Meds for Good! – You Save $20,000/year!

doctor holding different drugs

Insurance coverage for prescription medications can vary wildly. I’ve heard numbers ranging from $5,000-$25,000 in annual arthritis medication costs. But here’s the real question… 

Are these medications actually treating your arthritis or are they simply masking your symptoms?

Unfortunately, in most cases, it’s the latter that’s true.

And all that money is basically being spent to keep you in a continuously-deteriorating condition.

From corticosteroids to analgesics to anti-rheumatics (DMARDs), the total amount you pay can be exorbitant… 

And if it’s not now, then it will be later.

So if you’re not seeing a noticeable improvement in your condition, then it’s high time to take a more natural route. From my experience, the best option I’ve discovered is Boswellia – commonly known as frankincense.

For now, there’s one last thing I’d like to say… 

And if you take nothing else from this article, please read this next section closely – it could be the difference between finally getting a handle on your arthritis and living the next years in pain… 

Act Now!… And Avoid Surgery Later – You Save $30,000! 

Nearly all medical surgery is extremely expensive and in most cases, it won’t be completely covered by your insurance.

Which means you’ll end up footing a large part of the bill.

As your arthritis worsens due to ineffective treatments, your doctor will most likely recommend surgery as the best option. 

And in many cases, they’ll be perfectly right – without actually fighting against arthritis, it’s just a matter of time before your joints and bones deteriorate to a state where they require a full replacement.

So that’s why I’m urging you to start today on your road to arthritis recovery. I’m not saying it’ll be easy, but avoiding arthritis surgery is a major win… 

One that’ll save you:

  • Tons of money,
  • Months of fear,
  • Countless doctor visits,
  • And nearly endless pain.

Your Arthritis Success Story

happy senior woman working out

Arthritis is not a condition to be taken lightly… and it’s not one where only treating the symptoms is a financially viable option.

Whether you’re facing the extreme expense of arthritis treatment now or it’s waiting for you in the near future, there are cost-effective ways to change the tide and start winning the war. 

I look forward to hearing your arthritis success story and how you managed to bring your treatment costs down to a reasonable level.

And if you have some extra bucks to invest into your natural arthritis treatment, I recommend you…

Maximum Flex Joint and Bone Pain Natural Supplement

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